Update Your Apartment With These Smart Features

There has never been a better moment to be an apartment…or a Houston apartment renter, with all of the modern technologies accessible in home living. From our smart phones to our smart homes, technology is everywhere in our everyday lives.

Has your flat, on the other hand, kept up with the current trends? You don’t have to modify your property to enjoy contemporary conveniences. To enhance your flat without keeping your deposit, consider acquiring any of the smart devices listed below.

Smart Lock

Smart locks eliminates the need to search for your keys in order to get access to your flat. With the use of Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone, you can simply touch the lock and your door will open (no actual key necessary!). With the Kevo App, you can also lock and open your door remotely. You can plan, transmit, and remove eKeys using the app, so you don’t have to be there to let someone into your apartment. For further security, you can keep track of who enters and departs and receive lock status updates. The lock includes a real key for your landlord as well as a backup key for you in case your phone fails.

Smart Lights

Philips Hue lights can transform ordinary illumination into something amazing. To create the perfect mood for any event, choose from a variety of colors and pre-set light scenarios. For an immersive experience, you can turn your lights on and off remotely and match them to your music, TV, or games. Ensure that your flat remains…lit.

Smart Thermostat

You’ll love the Nest thermostat if you’ve ever forgotten to increase the temperature in your apartment before leaving for work or gotten up sweaty in the middle of the night to reduce the temperature. The Nest thermostat, which also learns your schedule and automatically adapts to fit your habits—your own personal climate control—allows you to modify the temperature in your flat using your phone. It also aids in the reduction of energy expenses, resulting in a cheaper bill (win).

Smart Home Assistant

There are a plethora of virtual voice-controlled assistants to pick from, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. In addition to playing music and a selection of radio programs, smart home assistants can answer a number of inquiries utilizing web search capabilities. They can also be used to connect to other smart devices, such as several of the ones mentioned in this article. Instead of hunting for a light switch in your dark apartment, you can link your Philips Hue lights to your Amazon Echo and simply “Alexa, turn on lights.”Smart

Smart Showerhead

The WaterHawk showerhead allows users to limit their water use while enjoying a rainfall shower, making it ideal for the ecologically concerned and fiscally responsible. This water-powered showerhead includes an LED display that indicates the current water temperature and employs color indications to tell you when the water temperature has reached your selected setting. From how many gallons of water you consume per minute to the maximum temperature of your hot water heater, you can track data in real time. It doesn’t require any applications, hubs, or batteries, making it extremely convenient to operate. Is there technology for the technophobe?

The nicest part about all of these items is that they’re all portable. Take them with you when you leave your present residence and profit from them for as long as you own them.