Tips For A Simple Christmas In Your Apartment

People celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways, with minimalism being one of the more recent traditions. Minimalists attempt to retain only the minimal essentials in their homes and eliminate excessive or needless clutter — which is easier said than done, especially around the holidays, which are often filled with gifts and decorations.

Even (or maybe particularly) with simplicity in mind, you can still have a lovely trip. After all, the holidays aren’t really about the things you have, but rather about the people you have in your life. Here’s how to decorate your apartment for a simple Christmas.

1. Pay attention to the individuals.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays is spending time with the family and friends you are fortunate to have in your life. It’s always good to get together and catch up with old friends. The first step in truly embracing a minimalist Christmas vacation is to put more emphasis on the people you’re with than than the gifts you’ll give and receive.

That isn’t to argue that receiving gifts is a negative thing! Giving and receiving presents has been a beautiful tradition for many centuries. It’s always good to donate something you know someone else would love, but don’t make it your exclusive emphasis.

2. Less is more when it comes to decorations.

More isn’t always better when it comes to décor, and it doesn’t always contribute to the mood. Using only a few basic but effective pieces of décor keeps everything looking fresh and tidy while being festive and welcoming.

Instead of an ornate garland with many decorations, hang a simple garland over the fireplace mantle. Rather than combining numerous pieces, use a single statement centerpiece for your table. Also, don’t feel obligated to decorate every shelf or table.

Less décor, particularly in a smaller flat, may make it appear cleaner, larger, and more open – always a plus when you do, in fact, have less space to work with.

3. Maintain a natural look.

The use of natural materials is both simple and inviting. Rather than buying pre-made plastic decorations, look around your yard to see what you can come up with. Make a table centerpiece out of several little tree branches and sticks. Make a wreath out of a circular wire frame and some yard foliage. You may also add fresh garlands and flowers to your home by purchasing them from most stores or even local merchants.

Natural materials may also be used in various items around the house, such as cushions and throw blankets. Choosing a naturally-dyed cotton throw over a faux fur blanket will keep your house feeling soft and cozy. Instead of using plastic ornaments, choose real wood ones. Look for more natural-materials-based objects that you may use to embellish.

4. Don’t merely give “stuff” as gifts.

Receiving a meaningful present from someone, no matter what it is, is always lovely because it implies they were thinking of you. However, these gifts may occasionally become “things” that we keep about with no actual use or function other than to remind us of the person who provided them to us.

Concentrate on not just giving someone “things” for the sake of providing a present. Consider something they’ll appreciate or at the very least use regularly. Instead of a snow globe that sits on a shelf collecting dust, give someone a lovely pair of gloves to use when they go out in the cold. Instead of a random bracelet that your mother might or might not wear, gift them one of their favorite delicacies that they can eat and that will not take up room after it’s gone. Alternatively, instead of a cheap throwaway gift, offer your roommate a nice tote bag to use when they go shopping.

If you’d rather not give a real item, consider giving an experience instead! While certain experiences, such as flying someone in a hot air balloon over a valley or taking them bobsledding, are more expensive, not all experiences need to be. Many folks are just delighted that you want to spend quality time with them. Take a buddy to the movies or treat your folks to a nice lunch.

Offering to do something that someone needs, such as changing the oil in their car or helping them in the yard (particularly if it’s cold and ice), is another non-object present. Your time is a gift that will be much appreciated by your loved ones. Additionally, assisting others you care about will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

5. A Christmas without presents

You may opt for a no-gift holiday if you truly want to go minimalist. When it comes to giving and receiving presents, be upfront and honest with your friends and family. In the spirit of the season, you may go a step further and tell everyone that instead of buying gifts, you’d want to give the money you would have spent to a favorite charity or cause. You might also inform individuals that instead of giving you a present, they can give to a cause that is important to them.

6. Reusable packaging

We want to wrap our gifts neatly if we’re presenting them as gifts. There are many various wrapping materials available, but it’s preferable not to buy anything new to wrap your gifts for a minimalist Christmas. Make the most of what you currently have!

Use old newspaper, bits of fabric you have sitting around, etc. instead of typical wrapping paper. However, by adorning the bundle with branches, fir trimmings, holly, dried fruit, and other natural materials, you may make it appear much better.

Merry Christmas, minimalists!
A minimalist Christmas doesn’t indicate you’re stingy or a Scrooge; it simply implies you place a higher emphasis on non-materialistic items. You may still have a good time and help others have a good time over the holidays.