10 Resolutions for Apartments Renters In 2022

2022 New Year Resolutions Apartments

A whole new year has arrived! It’s time to make the most of 2022 after a bizarre 2021! With a few easy modifications, make 2022 all about living a productive, organized, and low-stress existence in Houston apartments.

With these 15 New Year’s resolutions for renters, you can be proactive about making the new year the greatest year ever!

Top 15 Apartment Renter Resolutions for the New Year

1. After each meal, wash your dishes.
It’s pointless to refute it. It’s as though the instant we put the dirty dishes in the sink, they vanish. Perhaps we could just inform our housemates that they “need to soak.”

Make tidiness in the kitchen one of your New Year’s resolutions. It all begins with your kitchen sink. Dishes that are spotless also imply fewer crumbs, which attract bugs and other unwanted pests.

2. Hire someone to do your chores for you.
Why not delegate responsibilities to someone else if you despise them? Contractors may be found on sites like TaskRabbit that want to fix your lightbulbs, spruce up your garden, or clean out your closet. They can also perform virtually any other task you can think of.

You may even have your filthy clothing picked up and dropped off to be washed. Your garments will be washed and folded by some contractors. In 2021, delegate some of your responsibilities.

3. Make a Chore Schedule
If you don’t schedule your duties, it will be more difficult to do them. Set aside an hour per week on a specified day. Make the most of that time by doing your apartment duties with zeal.

You may even make it a competition with your roommate. During that hour, see who can complete the most chores. Make the reward a free round of drinks at the local bar or a night off from preparing supper.

4. Make a Food Organizer
Nobody ever mentions food organization as a useful apartment living advice. It can, however, save you time, money, and aggravation.

Food should be removed from open boxes and bags. After that, put them in airtight containers. This method ensures that all of your food remains visible and as fresh as possible.

After that, clean the insides of your refrigerator and cabinets. Shelving paper should be used to line the pantry shelves. This will help keep your food preparation area looking and smelling good.

5. Toss out everything that has beyond its expiration date.
When you’re cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of any outdated goods. There’s still work to be done on your New Year’s resolutions list, though.

Expiration dates can be seen on medications, cosmetics, and even automobile seats. Check on such items and, if necessary, trash or recycle them.

Even things that don’t officially have an expiration date should be thrown away. Pillows that are more than three years old, for example, are just tempting dust mites to remain.

6. Wipe Down Every Surface
You could assume your house is OK without a thorough dusting. However, it may cause complications that you aren’t aware of. Dust mites, as well as allergens that make you sick, flourish in dusty environments.

A thorough dusting will keep your home feeling and looking clean. Pay attention to everything from the tops of bookcases to the bottoms of spice jars. Dust loves to hide, so make a point of inspecting every surface thoroughly.

7. Clean Under the Furniture with a Vacuum
Vacuum your carpet and beneath the furniture after the dusting is under control. Vacuuming beneath the bed is typically the most difficult. Enlist the assistance of a roommate or a neighbor.

Just make sure you get all those wayward socks and unmentionables out of the way first!

8. Make Your Life Easier by Reorganizing Your Space
How often do you become frustrated because you can’t locate your keys, coat, or shoes? Make it a New Year’s resolve to live a more comfortable existence, beginning with a well-organized living environment.

Place all of your luggage in the same closet. Coats, hats, gloves, and other common things should be moved to the doorway area for easy access.

Rep this procedure in each area in your home until everything makes sense, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

9. Unsubscribe from services you’re no longer interested in.
Take a peek at your budgeting app of choice. Look for services you aren’t utilizing or aren’t interested in. Without consumers recognizing it, magazines and subscription boxes are often a money drain.

You might also plan how to save a significant amount of money. Consider switching from cable to a more cost-effective option. Your Spotify account has been downgraded. Request that your cell phone provider provide you a reason to stay with them this year.

10. Set up your bills to be paid automatically.
How many times did paying your rent, power, internet, and everything else you can’t live without cause you worry this year? Set up auto-pay for your payments to make your life easier. That’ll be one less item for you to consider.

Just keep in mind to switch around the payment dates. This prevents everything from coming out of your bank account at the same time.