Cheap Ways to Bring the Holiday Spirit into Your Apartment

Decorating for the holidays is a lot of fun. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to arrange your décor with your budget in mind. We’ve come up with a few budget-friendly methods to keep the Christmas spirit alive and well in your Houston apartment.

Make use of decorative bows.
To get things started this Christmas season, pick up a few rolls of ribbon. You may wrap them around chairs at your dining room table, hang them from bedroom and bathroom doorknobs, or attach them to seasonal wreaths! Colorful, sparkling, or patterned ribbons will spruce up your Christmas decor on a budget.

Wreaths You Can Make Yourself
Making your own wreath usually costs approximately $20, which is substantially cheaper than purchasing one. Your wreaths will be one-of-a-kind this way! Purchase a medium-sized artificial wreath, utilize the ribbon you previously purchased, and add a few ball-shaped decorations, red berries, or any other glittering accents to make it easier on yourself.

Light Holiday Scented Candles
Holiday-themed candles will not only fill your apartment with the scent of Christmas, but they will also help you relax. They’re a work of art in and of themselves! They’re the ideal way to bring some warmth and color into the frigid winter season. Instead, use a plug-in aroma warmer if you have pets or small children. That way, you can put it out of reach of your children on a counter or shelf.

Table Decoration using Natural Elements
Plates, bowls, glasses, napkins and holders, and tablecloths may all be found for a reasonable price at your local craft and home décor store. Consider utilizing candles, a bowl of glittering ornaments, and natural components like twigs, pinecones, and leftover Christmas tree limbs for low-cost centerpieces. Start with a floral foam brick and set it in a colorful container to make a natural centerpiece. Place the tree branches in the foam and arrange them as desired. Then, for a great natural centerpiece, add a few pinecones, flowers, and ribbons.

Use Ornaments Throughout Your Home
If you have any extra decorations that didn’t fit on the tree, put them to good use in other parts of your residence! Fill your covered cake plate with them, use them as a decoration in a ceramic bowl, put them on your wreaths, or include them into your staircase or mantel greenery.

Decorate with Edible Centerpieces
Fill glass jars with holiday goodies (like green and red mints or candy canes). Tie a ribbon around the top and distribute them about the flat. If you have any candy canes left over (that you haven’t eaten yet), you can use them as edible ornaments on your tree or as a stirrer in your holiday punch!

Christmas Cards Can Be Recycled
Place Christmas cards you’ve received (this year and in previous years) on bookshelves and mantles to give your flat a one-of-a-kind, customized touch. You may even hang them from the stairwell railing or the mantle of the fireplace. Visitors will like having their Christmas cards displayed in your home, and it is completely free for you.